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Keep the bugs out of your home with help from Sanderscapes Landscaping’s perimeter pest management program, the best pest control in Byron, GA and surrounding areas of Middle Georgia, using 100% organic products.

Safe & Effective Pest Control in Byron, GA & Surrounding Areas

Middle Georgia is known for its lush landscapes and Southern charm, but even the region’s beauty can be disrupted by pest infestations. Whether it’s roaches invading your kitchen, or poisonous spiders around your porch, pests can cause major problems. Thankfully, Sanderscapes Landscaping offers an organic structured pest control program to keep bugs where the belong – outside!

Our program is designed to keep crawling insects from entering your home without having to put toxic chemicals inside your home. These include ants, cockroaches, beetles, fleas, millipedes, spiders, wasps, stink bugs, silverfish and more. We provide 6 applications on a 45-day interval from March through November. The applications are applied in 3’-4’ out from the foundation around the entire perimeter of your home, and then 2’-3’ up the foundation. We will also treat all 1st story windows, doors, garage entrances and other accessories points to keep crawling insects from entering your home. We will also treat wasp nest up to 20’ in the eves of your home.

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