Fertilization & Weed Control Programs

Middle Georgia Fertilizing & Weed Control Services

Sanderscapes Landscaping is proud to offer weed control and fertilization options to meet any customer’s needs. Our programs include a proven treatment schedule of partial or full organic options to ensure the beauty of your lawn year-round.

We offer three different programs to meet the budgeting needs of all customers.
  • Professional

    Professional Lawn Service

    The Sanderscapes Professional Program is a premium grade lawn service program that will provide everything your lawn needs to look it’s best. The goal is to create that deep, dark, vibrant green color while preventing and controlling weeds all year long.

    We will visit your lawn approximately every four to six weeks and apply a combination of balanced fertilizers and broadleaf/crabgrass controls with every visit.

    • Six Turf Treatment Applications
    • Preventative Crabgrass Controls (Bonus: Applied with both first and second visits)
    • Broadleaf Weed Controls Applied as Needed
  • Turf Balance

    Turf Balance Organic Priority

    The Sanderscapes Turf Balance Program is your best choice for striking a balance between using the safest products possible, having a beautiful lawn, and being mindful of your budget. This program calls for organic products to be used whenever possible. When it comes to control products like weed and insect controls, we will only use EPA Registered "Low Risk" Inputs. The “Turf Balance” program uses compost teas and natural fertilizers throughout the year to focus on building the soil to help your turf gradually become much more resistant to stress and invaders and requires far less irrigation than a standard chemical program. Choosing to reduce chemicals around your family has become a way of life for many people so it just makes sense to look at how you handle your lawn.

    • Seven Turf Treatment Applications
    • Preventative Crabgrass Controls (We will only use EPA REGISTERED “LOW RISK” INPUTS)
    • Broadleaf Weed Controls Applied with Every Treatment
  • BeeSafe

    Advanced Lawn Care Program

    The Sanderscapes “BeeSafe” Premium Organic Program is by far the most advanced and effective lawn care service program available in the industry. Up until now, the products and methods that we employ in the application of this program have been reserved for estate managers and consultants that do not operate under the confines of a budget. By combining the application of organic granular fertilizers with laboratory-created enhanced soil inoculants and bio-stimulants, the Sanderscapes BeeSafe Organic Program will transform your lawn into an organic carpet of thick green grass.

    • Seven ORGANIC Turf Treatment Applications Tailored Specifically to Your Home
    • ORGANIC Preventative Crabgrass Controls
    • Program Includes Organic Fertilization, Compost Tea, Kelp, Humates, and Other Organic Inputs
    • Topdressing with ORGANIC COMPOST in late spring
    • Broadleaf Weed Controls Applied as needed (We will use “Fiesta” broadleaf weed control. Iron is the active ingredient)

    Expert analysis and recommendations are provided with every program. We also have additional service options such as ant, flea, and tick control, aeration, and lime but understand that not all lawns and customers require the same thing. We can make suggestions throughout the year based on your personal needs.

  • Organic Supplemental

    Organic Shrub Care

    • BeeSafe Cedar spray is a natural, chemical-free insecticide used as an alternative to traditional pesticides.
    • Bio-insecticide controls are microbial-based and include Integrated Pest Management Systems that control a broad spectrum of chewing and sucking insects. However, they are easy on beneficial insects such as ladybugs and butterflies, and amphibians such as frogs and toads.
    • Biological fertilizer and soil inoculates are used that contain beneficial microorganisms and antifungal species to create healthy soil biomass. We also use our Deep Root Blend that is biologically enhanced to stimulate root growth.

    Using our Organic Programs will reduce the exposure to chemicals while maximizing not only your lawn's health but also assuring your family's health too.

    Organic Ant, Flea, Tick Program

    • The use of Organic bio-insecticides and cedar oil spray for an IMP program for turf and home are paving the way for the future for your family's health and at the same time protecting you from harmful insects that carry diseases. 
    • Create an Organic Bio-Dome around your property.

    Organic Mosquito Program

    Organic Compost Top Dress for Your Lawn


    Lime Applications


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