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Seasonal Services – WEEKLY visits (April-September) and BIWEEKLY visits (October-

(39 visits annually)


BiWeekly Services – Visits EVERY TWO WEEKS throughout the year (26 visits

MOWING: Lawn-turf will be mowed routinely throughout the growing season to assure a well- manicured appearance at all times. Cutting height will be adjusted according to the type of grass and recommended cutting height. Research has shown that grass clippings are beneficial to the lawn. Clippings will be mulched and left in the lawn unless the condition of the turf and the location of the turf in the landscape warrant their removal for aesthetic reasons.

EDGING AND WEED-EATING: Turf adjoining walks, paved drives, shrub beds and trees will be kept neatly trimmed at all times. LEAVES: Leaves and other natural debris will be mulched and/or removed from all turf areas at each mowing. In cases of extreme weather, any additional services will be discussed prior to completion.