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Sod Installation

Turn your yard into a lush lawn with help from Sanderscapes, a top-rated company providing the best sod installation in Byron, Macon, Warner Robins, Perry and many surrounding areas of Middle Georgia to residential and commercial clients.

Expert Sod Installers in Middle Georgia

For most homes and businesses throughout Middle Georgia, the lawn areas will provide the majority of the appearance of your landscape. The condition of your lawn leaves an immediate impression on all visitors and passersby, so if your yard is in need of an overhaul, our sod installation services in Byron and surrounding communities will provide the quickest solution to creating the greenest and thickest lawn in the neighborhood. Our sod installers are ultra-efficient at preparing the soil surface with grading, sloping and laying new sod to ensure it is set up to successfully grow into the yard of your dreams.

Whether you have an existing yard that requires removing your aging lawn and landscaping then installing new, or you have just built your dream home and need to establish the outdoor space with site-prep, plants, ground covering and sod, Sanderscapes Landscaping can take on the task.

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Benefits of Installing Sod vs. Grass Seed or Hydroseed

There are several benefits to installing sod rather than using traditional grass seed or hydroseed. First, sod installs quickly and easily once the worksite is prepped. There is no need to wait for grass seed to germinate or for hydroseed to grow in. Sod already has a deep root system that helps it survive during periods of drought. Additionally, because sod is already mature, it will immediately start working to improve the appearance of your property. Finally, sod is less likely to be damaged by insects, disease, or weeds than grass seed or hydroseed.

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