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how much does landscaping cost in Middle Georgia
Sanderscapes Landscaping

Sanderscapes Landscaping

How Much Should You Spend on Landscaping in Middle Georgia?

Are you considering hiring a landscaping company to improve the look of your outdoor space? It can be tough to estimate the cost of landscaping as well as how much to spend on your outdoor space, since there are so many factors to consider. In this blog post, we will provide tips on how to budget for landscaping and give you an idea of what costs to expect.

Factors that Impact Price

When it comes to landscaping and outdoor living, there are three main factors that influence cost: materials, labor and design. Materials include all the plants, trees, turf, stone and other elements you’ll use in your landscape. Labor involves the cost of hiring a landscaper or contractor to help with installation and maintenance. Design is the process of crafting a plan for your landscape that includes things like layout and feature placement.


Materials can often be the biggest expense when budgeting for landscaping. The cost of soil, plants & trees, sod, drainage, ground covering and hardscape products such as pavers and block will all need to be factored in.


Labor costs can vary greatly depending on job complexity, equipment accessibility, and of course the work involved. Projects such as paver patios and retaining walls require more of a specialized skill with labor and will cost more than a traditional planting and mulch job.


Design services should always be performed, especially when renovating an existing space or starting from scratch. A professional designer will be able to assess your property and place features where its best suited for that specific element, one example being sun-shade ratio and moisture content of soil for plants and trees.

Maintenance & Aftercare

Finally, don’t forget to factor in ongoing maintenance costs for your landscape. This includes things like mowing, fertilization, leaf removal, pest control and more. It’s critical to have a routine property maintenance schedule to ensure your new landscape looks its best for years to come.

How Much Should I Invest into Landscaping?

A good rule of thumb for how much to spend on landscaping in Middle Georgia is 10% of your home’s value, unless you’re looking to add extravagant features. So if your home is worth $350,000, it’s best practice to budget $35,000 to invest into proper landscaping.

If you’re located in Middle Georgia and need to renovate your existing landscape or start fresh with a new build, contact the pros at Sanderscapes Landscaping today.

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