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3 of the Best Yard Drainage Solutions in Middle Georgia

Heavy rain events are common throughout the year in Middle Georgia, and if you don’t have proper outdoor drainage in place then you could be at risk of dealing with water infiltration of your home, erosion or other property damage. Here are a few tips to help you prevent these issues:

Subsurface Drain Systems

When it comes to below surface lawn drainage systems, there are several options available. A French drain is one of the most popular options. This type of system utilizes a channel that is dug in the space where water is accumulating. Once the trench is excavated, a perforated pipe is installed and rock to allow the water flow into the pipe. These elements are usually then attached to a solid collection pipe that will empty into a separate container, a low lying area, or other location equipped to handle additional water.

Landscape Grading

There are other ways to resolve flooding problems. For instance, you can increase the elevation of an area. In most cases, flooding happens in the low parts and if the slope incorrect it can lead to problems. To build up a low area, removing the existing landscape bed or lawn area with heavy equipment, and then add fill dirt or topsoil in its place then grading it out at the designated slope and install the new landscaping or turf area over top.

Dry Creek Beds

Installing a dry creek bed is advantageous for the homeowner that enjoys the natural appearance throughout their property because it brings forth a similar aesthetic as a boulder wall while providing the utility of a drainage system. Dry creek beds look and function as the name entails. A man-made trench is dug and rock is installed, typically varying sizes of rock for most projects and water is either directed to a designated area or allowed to pond up and eventually evaporate depending on anticipated water volumes.

Protect Your Property With Help From Sanderscapes Landscaping

Outdoor drainage for your home or business property lowers your risk of experiencing a flooded basement and property damage. With several options available sure to fit your desired look and budget, your property will be better equipped to handle any amount of rain that may fall.

If you’re experiencing issues with water pooling up on your property, get in touch with the yard drainage experts at Sanderscapes Landscaping today.

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