Treat Weeds in the Fall for Spring Success

Don’t wait until spring to treat weeds in Georgia. Fall is a great time to attack!

Give a weed an inch and it will take a yard. This adage holds true for many people battling weeds in the lawn. Spring weeds are opportunistic and take advantage of thin, stressed areas. Ridding the lawn of an abundance of weeds is possible. It’s all in the timing.

Weeds are easiest to control when they are establishing and actively growing. This stage of development varies and depends on the species. Now is the time to rid our lawns of the most troublesome spring weeds. Dandelions, henbit, and chickweed are best treated now through early November.

Henbit and chickweed germinate in the cool, rainy fall and lay dormant over winter, ready to burst into glory come spring. Dandelions are a perennial weed preparing now for winter by storing energy in the roots. Come spring these weeds turn our lush green carpet into a patchwork of yellow, purple, and lime. Once weeds start to flower, controlling them is difficult and they are more likely to damage other landscape plants.

These weeds are small, about the size of a dime or quarter, and often hide in the grass. Like the dandelions, they are preparing for winter. Treating them now knocks them out, resulting in a weed-free lawn in the spring.